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We are committed to providing high quality maternity care for women during their pregnancy, labour and after the birth of their baby. We ensure that the birth of a child is a safe, life-enhancing experience for the mother, her husband and family. We encourage women and their families to be involved in making choices about their journey through pregnancy, birth and parenthood, by giving good and timely information. We respect their decisions and give dignity through kind and compassionate care. We promote normality in childbirth.

We offer all types of labour analgesia within the hospital setting including Entonox Epidural. We offer childbirth and breastfeeding support classes to our mothers. A team of obstetricians, anesthetists and pediatricians are available 24 hours a day if needed. Our endeavour is to provide care for you and your baby from the start of your pregnancy through the birth and beyond, offering support, advice and information to help you cherish this exciting experience.

We Provide

We deliver what mothers and babies need most from a maternity hospital: sophisticated and compassionate care. Our team of specially trained maternity experts is focused on helping you every step of the way. Our comprehensive services begin at the start of your pregnancy with prenatal education, and continue through labor, birth and beyond.

What are the benefits of waterbirth?

  • Less pain (Increased production of endorphins)
  • Higher satisfaction with the birth experience (Feeling of being in control, Water supports 75% of a woman’s weight making her feel buoyant and comfortable)
  • Less medication use for pain relief—important for people who want to avoid epidurals or narcotic medication during labor
  • Less use of oxytocin and possibly shorter labors
  • Higher rates of normal natural vaginal birth
  • Lower rates of episiotomy
  • Higher rates of intact perineum, especially in high-episiotomy settings (Water helps to relax the pelvic floor and soften the perineum)
  • Possibly lower rates of severe tears (3rd or 4th degree), especially in high-episiotomy settings like India
  • Possibly lower bleeding after birth

What are the benefits to the newborn?

  • More gentle birth for the baby
  • Breastfeeding, skin to skin can be encouraged immediately
  • The benefits or risks of waterbirth for the newborn are less clear, but so far the evidence shows no harms of waterbirth in a supervised low risk pregnancy.

Who can opt for Water birth?
Most low risk pregnancies can opt for waterbirth. We have certain selection criteria for the same.

  • Mothers weight should be under 100kg
  • She should be full Term pregnancy
  • There should be a single fetus (not twins/triplets)
  • Baby must be head down/cephalic
  • Mother should be healthy and in a position to leave the pool quickly, if needed
  • She should have a normal blood pressure, temperature and pulse
  • She should be contracting without the need for oxytocin
  • She should not have any history of seizures
  • Waterbirth consent form must be signed
  • Mother must be counselled well in a waterbirth class
  • Mother must agree to exit the pool if asked
  • Mother can also use Entonox while in the pool

What really happens in waterbirth?
When the mother is getting good contractions in labour, and she is 3-4cm dilated, she is helped into the birthing pool with warm water maintained at 36.5 C.

The mother gets instant relaxation and relief in pain, and she can take any posture or position she feels comfortable in.This feeling of control without too much medical intervention, makes contractions more effective and also makes the labour progress faster. The mother may opt to deliver under water, and hold the baby in her arms and start breastfeeding immediately, or sometimes opt to come out of the pool just for the delivery.

Women undergoing a waterbirth have a very satisfying and positive childbirth experience.

Discuss with us for more information, if you are keen on natural birthing or waterbirth.

Motherhood is special and for some it gets complicated when a risk factor develops. Risk assessment should include a comprehensive evaluation of all relevant medical and contextual factors that may impact a woman during pregnancy. Both the outcome and timing of previous pregnancies can increase a woman’s risk of maternal morbidity or mortality.

Given the increasing rate of caesarean delivery trend has implications for the rates of maternal morbidity and mortality.

Obesity is an example of a common chronic condition associated with an increased risk of maternal morbidity and mortality and the development of other chronic medical conditions. Hence, it is vital and logical that there has to be a specialised team dedicated only for this group of women.

Our team at Divine Hospital has been looking after high-risk mothers from pre-pregnancy times, to antenatal care, delivery and follows up post-delivery.

We have a full-fledged Labour Ward  with a multidisciplinary team of obstetricians, in-house obstetric physicians, critical care team, anaesthetists, and neonatologists.

The Labour and Delivery Suite is the heart of our hospital and all rooms equipped with facilities to monitor mother and baby, continuously if needed.